MapleStory 2 Berserker Skill Build /Skill Guide 2018 (Korean Ms2)

MapleStory 2 Berserker Skill Build / Guide by Sabidy Babidy

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Hey there!

My name is Sabidy Babidy and I am a MapleStory 2 YouTuber / Streamer. In this guide, I will be going over the Berserker skills, and sharing what my build is in-game with you all.

Keep in mind this is my very first skill build / guide i’ve written, so bear with me as you browse through the guide, I hope to be as helpful and as accurate as possible 😀

After around 9 months of playing as a Berserker main and creating content for streams and Youtube, I have come to learn a great deal about the Berserker and it’s mechanics in PvE. PvP aspects will be covered more deeply once the official release of the game has arrived globally.

To start the guide off, I have personally translated and listed all Berserker skills below. Please take a moment to read of them, and understand what each skill does as positioning and skill movement is very important in this game.

Note that all skills shown in this guide are the level 1 versions of each skill. Down the road and as we get into GMS 2 global release, I will create another updated comprehensive Berserker guide.

Berserker Skills

  RageSlashRage Slash  Active   Level1

Wield your large sword to inflict Shadow damage on 5 enemies within 2.5m. If you enter the key in succession, you will activate a 3-step attack mode, which speeds up step by step. The first and second stages wield the Rage Sword once, and the third stage wields twice(left and right) repeatedly. If you enter a direction key, you can attack while moving 0.6m.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Death Spin / Sweeps   Active    Level1

With your Rage Sword, you rotate like a top, which deals 122% Shadow damage to 8 enemies within 3m radius. If you enter a direction key, you can attack while moving.

– 4 SP Consumption.

Dark Aura / Shadow Energy  Passive    Level1

10 SP is restored every second, by the effect of the latent dark powers. Each time you land a successful hit on the enemy, the aura is strengthened, stacking up to 10 times(once every second). Increases natural SP recovery by 1 per second.

X Slash / Ax Slash  Active   Level1

Dashes a distance of 4.5m ahead of you, and wield your Rage Sword to deal damage to 5 enemies within your path. While using other skills, it can be canceled and activated immediately.

– 40 SP Consumption.

Void Slash   Active    Level10

Raises a large sword into the sky and inflicts 264% Shadow Damage to 5 enemies within 2m in front of you. If you enter the key again(or hold), it will activate 2-step attack mode. In the second step, the Rage Sword is quickly dropped 2 times, causing damage to 5 enemies within 2m in front of you. If you enter a directional key, you can pivot to attack monsters 4m in front of you.

-24 SP consumption first step | -11 SP consumption every step after.

Great-sword Mastery / Rage Sword Mastery   Passive    Level10

The achievements of his grandfather’s teachings lead him to better deal with the Rajisword. Weapon damage increased by 1% while you have a large sword equipped.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Blood’s Desire / Bloodlust   Active    Level13

After inserting the power of darkness into the Rage Sword, it squeezes 2 enemies within 3m in front of you for 126% damage. The first strike is invoked as a critical strike, and the second Strike recovers 7% of your maximum HP from the enemy(lifesteal). The enemy strike to HP recovery halved in PvP.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Ground Breaker / Warrior’s Strike  Active  Level19

Tengu’s Grandfather is a master of the Rage Sword as he hits 8 enemies for 221% within 3m, and damage push-out is 1.5m. Increases damage by 16% per Dark Aura stack. It does not get hit by an enemy attack while it is activated.

– 40 SP Consumption.

Absorbing The Darkness   Active    Level22

Concentrate the latent dark powers on the Raji Sword to hit the ground, dealing 412% Shadow damage to 8 enemies within a 3m radius. The Raji Sword deals damage over time to 8 targets within the pool area. It can be used when the dark energy stacks are at maximum.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Adrenaline / Adrenaline Rush   Active    Level22

As the dark energy increases, the natural SP recovery increases per second(when HP is less than 60% less than 1, when HP less than 45% less than 2, when HP is less than 30% less than 3).

– 0 SP Consumption.

Threat / Intimidation   Active    Level25

It emits powerful vacuum waves, causing 121% damage to enemies within 3m. It reduces the enemy physical attack, magic attack, movement speed, and jump power by 9% for 4 seconds. When the dark energy is at max, it consumes the energy of darkness and activates in enhanced form. This skill does not affect some powerful enemies.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Blood Price / Blood Sacrifice   Active    Level31

Gives the body a chance to inflict dark powers, which will cause a 5% increase in damage and a 1% HP reduction for 30 sec. Blood effects do not reduce HP to less than 25%.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Crusader / Warrior’s Instinct  Passive   Level34

Release the warrior’s instinct that has been suppressed. Increases physical resistance by 15 and armor penetration by 1%.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Bleeding / Deep Wounds  Passive  Level37

If you use a Rage Sword to trigger a critical attack, your enemies are deeply wounded and bleed, causing 16% damage every second for 10 seconds over.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Lord of Darkness / Dark Might   Active  Level40

Temporarily amplifies dark energy for 12 seconds. Increases attack speed, physical attack power, magic damage by 27%, and recovers 1 additional SP every time you hit an enemy. Can be used when your dark energy is maxed.

-0 SP Consumption.

Inhuman Endurace / In-Dura  Passive   Level43

Maximizes the momentum of the crisis and maximizes defensive abilities. Physical and Magical resistance increased by 100 when HP is below 30%.

– 0 SP Consumption.


Earthquake   Active  Level46

The strong strikes the ground and is divided by the earthquake in the area of 9 blocks centered on yourself for 5 seconds. Deals 311% damage in the area every second and stuns enemies.

– 0 SP Consumption.

Berserker Skill Presets (Death Spin, Void Slash, Adrenaline Focus)

A cool new thing that was added to the MapleStory 2 system that we didn’t see in MapleStory 1, are the skill presets.

As we know, in MapleStory 1 you needed to purchase a skill reset from the NX shop to be able to reset your skill tree

Fear no more! With the new MapleStory 2 system, skills AND ability points can be reset, free of charge. EPIC.


Death Spin Focus

First up, we have the Death Spin preset. In my opinion, this is the best preset for beginners. It is best because Death spin focuses on spin damage, the best for AoE and that means you will be dying less if the mobs are dying quicker.

When we apply our skills to the Death spin skill tree, this is what we will be running:


As you can see, the skills are not focused on any sustain or resistance. Strictly DMG for the mob-tearin’ monster huntin’ action that we want when playing a Berserker.

Void Slash focus

This skill set is what I would personally run if I were to chose a preset. Late game AoE, with armor piercing and skillbuffs/debuffs.

When we apply our skills to the Death spin skill tree, this is what we will be running:


This is the skillset I would chose if I were to chose a preset. In my eyes, I see this preset as the AoE/Bossing set. You have your death spin available if you need it to kill low-health mobs in the area, and you have your void slash to do the increased crit damage, as well as consistent hits.

This build also yields a decent risk/reward factor to it. The risk being since you are focusing the bulk of your DPS on Void Slash, you must keep in mind that while bossing it may be difficult to land Void Slash step-2 consistency. This is due to the bosses generally moving around on the map a good amount, and Void Slash step-2 causes you to remain stationary.

Other than that minor risk/reward factor, this build has the most potential for sustain, and high DPS on the battlefield. That’s what you want from a berserker right? 🔥

Adrenaline Focus (Advanced)

Finally, we have the adrenaline preset. This preset is suggested for advanced players, let me explain why.

When dealing with the adrenaline preset, you are going to be using a lot of skills that take a toll on your health and SP over time. Most of the skills in this tree require you to pay attention to your vitals often, so that you are pumping out the most amount of damage and most importantly, staying alive.

Although this MAY be the highest DPS preset available, I would caution you to be careful while using this build, as I am already skeptical about being a melee character.

When we apply our skills to the Death spin skill tree, this is what we will be running:


In my personaly experience I have not used this adrenaline skills much, but do understand that they can help you dish out that extra bit of damage, while having utility to back you up.

Sabidy’s Custom Skill Build

Here it is:


So as you can see, the custom build I run is a tie between the Death Spin focus and the Void Slash focus. I love the mobility and AoE ability that the Death Spin tree has to offer, while the Void Slash offers high DMG and armor penetration. That’s what I like!

That wraps it up for our presets!

Ability Points & Character build

For this part of the guide, we’re gonna keep it sweet & simple.

Being used to MapleStory 1, we are taught to either auto-assign your ability points, or add them into the specific stat for your class. That would make sense right?

Well in MapleStory 2, thus far I have learned that is not the case. The best thing to do is put all of your points into critical rate ~


Each attribute point that goes into critical rate raises it by 3 points.

A few rules about critical points:

  • Upping the critical rate will increase the probability that an attack will land as a critical hit
  • Critical hits deal additional damage
  • Critical rate cannot increase above 40%

I am still learning more about the attribute system and what the specifics mean, but in my experience I have had the best results with maxing crit over Strength.

Thank you for taking your time to read this guide, I hope it helped as I said it was my first!

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- Sabidy Babidy

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